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Título da obra: As Grandes Banhistas - D´après Paul Cezanne

Técnica: óleo sobre tela

Dimensão: 3,0 X 1,50m ou díptico 2(1,50 X 1,50m)

Ano: 2014


P.S.: A obra foi exposta no Castillo/Museo Provincial Del Vino - Peñafiel/Espanha em 2014/2015.


Title of the work: The Great Bathers

Technique: oil on canvas

Dimension: 60,0 X 120,0 in

Year: 2014


P.S.: The work was exhibited in the Castillo/Museo Provincial Del Vino - Peñafiel/España in 2014/2015.

As Grandes Banhistas/The Great Bathers

R$ 35.000,00Preço
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