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Title of the work: We Are All Equal (Triptych)

Technique: acrylic on canvas

Dimension: 3 (1.40 X 1.0m) or 1.40 X 3.0m (Triptych I, II and III) 

Year: 2021


Title of the work: We're all the same (Triptych)

Technique: acrylic on canvas

Dimension: 3(56.0 X 40.0 in) or 56.0 X 120.0 in (Triptych I, II and III)

Year: 2021




We are the same, despite different.


We are equal, despite races.

Where is the difference

In the interaction of the masses

With the population showing up


Oh! inexplicable equality

each with the difference

Each with their viable creed

Each with their own appearance


Nothing is copied

In this differential equality

Everything by God was created

In this racial tangle


Between blacks and whites

Or an exceptional life

equality of francs

decimating the differential


In understanding the reasons

where we are always present

In this miscegenation

We are all the same, although different."


Gilson Damasceno




We're all the same/We're all the same

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