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“The target of my painting is feeling. The technique is merely a means to me. However, an indispensable means.”
                                                                                                               Cândido Portinari
In my deep silence, I allow myself to travel widely in the world of art. Searching through my feelings and emotions, new inspirations and creations for the world!
Marcos Anthony

Art, Star of Silence

         Art that dissipates silence like a night in a starry vigil, prisoner in the meanderings of the soul, clamored for freedom. It broke the stillness and suddenly broke free in sounds audible to my astonished ears, under the joys of my parents. In painting, the first traces confirmed the rupture of the backwater and gave rise to the artist's production. There were years of intense struggle in the adequacy of the silence broken with unknown sounds. So, little by little, came the familiarization with the demands coming from the restless soul. The result I present to you on this site, in a synthetic way, with enormous recognition for your kindness visit. 


Painting is never prose. It is poetry that is written with verses of plastic rhyme.
                                                                                                          Pablo Picasso

Art is the story told and made by us artists. It is something solid that we will leave throughout our lives, on this earthly plane. That will be eternalized by many!

                                                                                                Marcos Anthony

The inspiration of art comes from the depths of our soul. It is what characterizes our personality and the essence of the creator.
                                                                                                Marcos Anthony
      Expression,  emotion and creativity (especially impact) make up a true work of art." 
                                                                                                         Marcos Anthony
Painting is freeing yourself, and that the essential thing.     
Pablo Picasso
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