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Title of work: ELLA'S

Technique: oil on canvas

Dimension: 2.65 X 3.0m or 2 (2.65 X 1.50) diptych 

Year: 2022


Title of the work: They

Technique: oil on canvas

Dimension: 106 X 120 in or 2(106 X 60 in) diptych

Year: 2022


Women of incredible personalities who made history in this world, because fighting is the vibrant word that lifts the weak and determines the strong.




"She was always fascinated by the moon, so much so that the personality was reflected in her object of fascination. So many phases, so many tastes, so many phrases and faces.

In it you will find more phases than the moon and stars on your skin are just a reminder of the immensity of your dreams.

It can be an organized storm, sometimes rough seas, other times calm for the navigator. And just like your passion [the moon] will make you enchanted with each of its phases."


Iasmin Borges




In this work we find women highlighted in a very important role in French society Marie Antoinette (holding a rose), Mexican Frida Kahlo (with thick eyebrows and light mustache and "flower crown" that are part of the characterization, Brazilian Tarsila do Amaral (Apaboru ), Marilyn Monroe, the most famous woman of all time, lavishing sensuality and Pakistani Malala Yousafzai releasing the bird, symbolizing the peace and freedom of women.

ELLA'S - They

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