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Title of the work: Tropical Brazil

Technique: oil on demolition door

Dimension: 2 (2.10 X 71.5m) or two 1.43 X 2.10m doors

Year: 2018


Title of the work: Tropical Brazil

Technique: oil on demolition door

Dimension: 57.2 X 84.0 in or 2(84.0 X 28.6) in

Year: 2018


The work that aims to understand the role of climate in the construction of Brazilian national identity, characterized by native people: the Indian, the Brazilian fauna and flora and with a strong influence of Catholicism (image of Nossa Senhora da Aparecida) that comes from colonization Portuguese in the country. I also sought to characterize the tropical climate for this purpose. In addition to understanding the difficulties of applying the then notion of civilization to a country with a climate considered hostile and unhealthy, very different from the temperate that Europe had, the model continent for our “nation builders.

Tropical Brazil/Tropical Brazil

R$ 15.500,00Price
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