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Title: Old Affection

Technique: oil on MDF and printed newspapers

Dimension: 1.30 X 1.30 m

Year: 2021


Title of the wok: Old affection

Technique: oil on MDF and printed newspapers

Dimension: 52.0 X 52.0 in

Year: 2021 


The work Afeto Antigo is characterized by "old" yellow media articles. In it you can see people hugging affectionately.

What matters in this life are the afetos and true caresses. The only durable, immutable and priceless goods are o afeto and the solidarity felt for loved ones. Feel affection, like, adore and love! But never need someone to be happy, besides yourself!


"To the heart that suffers, separated
Of yours, in exile in which I see myself crying,
Simple and sacred affection is not enough
How do I protect myself from misfortunes?

It's not enough for me to know that I'm loved,
I don't just want your love: I want
To hold your delicate body in my arms,
To have in my mouth the sweetness of your kiss.

And the righteous ambitions that consume me
Shame not me: for greater baseness
There is no need to exchange earth for heaven;

And more elevates a man's heart
To be a man always and, in the greatest purity,
Stay on earth and humanly love."

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Old affection/Old affection

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