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Social Project ​


The "Marcos Anthony Painters" Project is developed by the schools, which aims to get to know the history of Marcos Anthony and his main works by the painter recognized by the community of Timóteo - MG; and to associate art with everyday life, create reinterpretations of the works of the artist, using different techniques and materials, exploring different textures and shapes and learning to work collectively.


Every year the schools of Timóteo, Ipatinga, Belo Horizonte, Contagem, São Paulo, etc.. develop the "Pintores Project". Anthony's biography and works; in the end, he chooses a canvas to reread.


The main factor of this project is to personally meet and interact with the artist. Painting workshops and lectures are developed on the history of overcoming deafness. ​


In which it provides rewarding and unforgettable moments! Through this project, every year, I develop painting workshops, lectures, interviews with students and book launches with autograph sessions.


According to professor Fernanda Silva de Timóteo, pioneer of this project, this purpose is an opportunity for children to meet a painter who is alive, so that they can interact better and closely with the artist's biography.


This project has been a success. So much so that it has already been broadcast by RedeGlobo's G1.

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  • Instagram: @marcosanthonyoficial
  • Facebook: Marcos Anthony
  • YouTube: Marcos Anthony
  • TikTok: @marcos.anthony
  • Twitter: @MAMarcosAnthony
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