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"Every dream is possible..."

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                Architect and Artist

Marcos Anthony


         Marcos Anthony was born in Timóteo, Vale do Aço, Minas Gerais. Son of one of the most beloved families of the city. Possibly, he was the first deaf architect of Minas Gerais and one of the first in Brazil.

            He studied in regular school, developing quickly the oralization. He lived until he was eighteen in Timóteo, moving by himself to Belo Horizonte. In the state capital he graduated from the Pontifical Catholic University of Minas Gerais (PUC-MG). In the academic environment, he definitely felt freed from the framework of social exclusion, learning and teaching with every obstacle that life presented to him.

The fact of born and grow up in the most recondite "silence" could has made Marcos a sad and limited person, but instead, it served to enhance his immense artistic talent.

       He never felt "different" or less capable because of his auditory limitation. He moved on with determination and joy of living toward his goals, his objectives. It was the artist's light shining in his soul!

What for most is "silence", for Marcos is the "sound of the art." Sound that makes him surrender himself to the charm of colors, shapes and dreams. Since he was seven, he risked in brushstrokes of oil on canvas, enchanting everyone.

        Over time, comes to the delight of art lovers, the one who with child's soul and steady hands of an adult, would offer us with the best of him: his poetic and artistic soul!

Brazil has won a recognized expression artist both in our country and abroad, perfect junction of the architect with the artist. Fruits of only one gift received by the Creator, and Marcos Anthony performs both functions with the resourcefulness and brilliance that has always been peculiar.

          The art is the highest expression of his immense love for life. It is not related to a single theme or style, is a style of eclecticism sum, ethnic diversity, expression of the "multi-sided", versatility of the Art History of the world. A world of dreams and colors in shades that shine - intense colors that give life to the scenery and characters that populate his work. In the style created by the artist there is a mixture of cubism, fauvism, modern art and expressionism. But his desire is for freedom to create something innovative and impactful - he was an artist who created a totally personal and unique style.                        

       Every single day, your vision of beauty and harmony of forms is dilated! His artist soul expands! His keen sense of plasticity has been remarkable. It is the awakening of an eclectic and versatile art that explores several themes in an own style of a soul that stays in celebration, celebrating the life and the received gift. "God wants, man does, the work happens." And it was done!

         The artist captures the facts not in the rational way, but transcends reality, revealing the essence of the phenomenon, something that just happens due to the sensitivity and beauty of his soul.

        The "silence" was not reason to stop the dreams and his teleological ability. He overtook with his brushes, colors and talent which for many would be an insurmountable obstacle. Believing in himself, Marcos Anthony surpassed the sound barrier to become more than a great artist, a great man!

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